If I were to tell anybody my life-long list of heroines, I would be laughed at for years to come. But the reason why I’m cool with that is because, much like food taste, it’s all relative.

This year, as I approach my 23rd birthday, I’ve decided that my heroine is the minx. And I’ll tell you why.

She is someone who is considered pert, flirtatious, and promiscuous. However, she is also deemed impudent and I think now is the time to eradicate this derogatory view of one of the most powerful types of women and embrace one’s inner fox.

For years, women have waited patiently to be courted. And sadly, I’m not exclusively referring to the Austen era here. Up until December, I myself was still living in the dark ages (of pub corners), waiting to be spoken to by men that I was attracted to, but I’ve realised that much like ordering a drink at the bar, when it comes to guys, I can decide which flavour I want, and when. So, following the lead of some of my oldest girlfriends, I have taken it upon myself to approach men that I wish to talk to, and despite my reservations, have been successful.

And although yes, my incredible looks and irresistible charm meant that it didn’t take much to land a date (I’m kidding, obviously), it isn’t only me that has benefited from this forthright flirtation. Instead, most of my gorgeous girlfriends who have embraced this attitude over the festive season have landed themselves with a date, fondle and even a snog at the very least. But before you say that this luck in love must be put down solely to the season of goodwill, there have been plenty of women who believe that being proactive is always the best option and have been living as such since the seventies. And I shall follow suit.

So ladies, go forth and flirt. And men, even if you aren’t so keen; be nice. After all, for years you have had to tolerate the insufferable nerves of approaching a beautiful woman in a bar and now it’s our turn. So smile, give us your number and we’ll call if we want to.

But bear in mind…

We don’t ask twice.