The New Year

Despite numerous prophecies about the world coming to an end, more people than ever are excited about ‘that feeling’ that something huge is going to happen this year. I feel the same. Not because I actually believe that the world is going to end, but because I’ve come to the total realisation that life is what you make it. And what better time to start owning it than at the dawn of a new year.

So as everyone awaits for the world to spontaneously combust, I say what better time to take the opportunity to quite literally live each day as if it’s your last. It all began when I asked a friend if she ever sat still, to which she replied ‘You don’t make memories sitting on a sofa Olivia’. And this notion has stayed with me. I’m not suggesting daily sky dives or several spontaneous trips around the world, but make sure that this year, you smile each and every day. Or make someone else smile at the very least. Don’t talk about festivals, go to them. Desperate to talk to that guy you see every morning? Offer him a Wrigleys. Wish to learn a new language? Start with the basics. Take risks. Party hard. And be kind.

But most importantly, make every moment a Kodak moment. And by this, I don’t mean strive to permanently look camera ready, but make sure that 99% of the time you wish someone had a camera, because you know your life at that moment is something to be remembered.

Now, if the clock struck twelve and you had the chance to step into the next year or relive the last, what would you choose?

Make sure that next year, it wouldn’t matter either way.

Happy New Year.