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So last month was the beginning of my ‘Small Victories’ series, where I try to stop focusing on the bigger picture and look to the little things that I can do to make my life that bit happier. And, let’s face it, less scary, because being 26 in 2015 is harder than people warn you of, THAT’S for sure.

So let’s look back for a second.

At the beginning of June, I promised to prepare for Glastonbury. And that I did. Although the lead up to it was a little stressful as I made daily dashes to Poundland and Wilko for cups and all important birthday hats, the fact that I had been so organised pre-festival meant that my trip ran smoother than James Bay’s chin (messy antics not included). All the lists I’d written and ticked off meant that the only thing I had to worry about on arrival was where to get cold mixer from and whether The Libertines were actually going to be the surprise guests. And as it happened, they were. So I didn’t even have to worry about that. A few years ago I would have turned up to a festival with alcohol and a tent. Turns out it takes more than that to make it a success. Experience is everything. (Side note: Glastonbury is a wonderland for hedonists and life lovers so, if you haven’t already, do all you can to get yourself there at some point. It is a 100% life must.)

As for yoga, it has become as much a part of my daily routine as peanut butter on toast. Whether I do it for fifteen minutes or an hour, I make sure that it happens every goddamn day. Not only does it give me a full body stretch, but it’s a chance for me to process my thoughts – or forget everything – for a fixed amount of time. This intention varies daily.

I also promised to stick to a blogging schedule in order to show this space just how much I love it. I guess you can be the judge of how well I did on this one, although I think I did okay. However, although the timetable has helped to keep me on track, I do miss posting when I want to, as opposed to when I have said I will. So I think I will relax this one for July and then compare how I feel about both approaches to blogging at the end of the month.

Lastly, I promised to organise my music collection on Spotify. I’ll be honest, I didn’t. But I’m only human. I’m too busy listening to it to file it. And music is supposed to be a little chaotic, right?


1. Stop making up silly excuses and actually sort out my music collection on Spotify.

2. Read some books outside of my comfort zone. Some Conrad or Coleridge, perhaps? University was great for forcing me to read things I would have otherwise ignored. I must stay curious as I dive into my late twenties.

3. Pick an instrument that I want to learn. And then find someone who will teach me how to play it for free or a very small fee. And then start a band, get rich and live like a rock star.

4. Dance more and drink more gin. Partying is absolutely my way of letting off steam and I’m not hurting anyone in doing so, so why have I stopped? I’m not even sure of the answer to that one but as the summer months roll in, I will be reigniting my penchant for partying every weekend.

So that’s my four foci for the month. But what about you? What small victories are you hoping to achieve by the end of this suspiciously sunny July?

Remember: keep them constructive, manageable and – most importantly – possible.

Have a great month.