I love my new hat.

It is warm, it is turquoise and each time I wear it, I am reminded that proceeds from the money I spent on it have gone to a good cause.

You know The Big Knit that Innocent and Age UK organise each year? Well, Oliver Bonas and Age UK have teamed up to create an even bigger, even more wearable knit this Christmas. And here is an example of one of them. In my opinion, £5 out of £18 is not enough of a donation from OB towards such a great charity, but it is something. And every little helps, I guess.

So I urge you to nab one. Or if you’re not really a hat person, just donate some pennies to Age UK. Or both. No one should feel lonely or be alone. Ever. And these are the people to prevent it from happening.

I chose to donate and buy the hat because older people are important and if the hat is good enough for Fearne Cotton, then it’s certainly good enough for me. And no, before you ask, I haven’t been paid to say this.

Stay cosy!