The Technicality


In the digital age it’s very easy to get caught up in the mechanics of things.

We salute Jobs for revolving his life around technology and making our journeys to work far more convenient as we swap cassettes for shuffles. However, we now grunt in the face of a phone call. We clap at a WhatsApp. Even Skype has become far too personal. Social interaction of the flesh is becoming less frequent, but you know that already. Now, it seems that when it comes to matters of the heart, we are detaching ourselves from emotions as easily as we like a photo of a dog in a pink panther suit on Facebook. This is where I find that our advancements in thinking technologically, runs the risk of being dangerous and, at times, downright degenerate.

Although I can see the plus side to making things compact, what I can’t do is sit back and watch people’s moral choices being belittled to the same importance of finding a phone charger that fits their iPhone 5. More and more frequently I am hearing the excuse that people have “technically” done nothing wrong. This, technically, means nothing as there is nothing technical about hurting someone’s feelings. The presence of that “technically” immediately eradicates morals, loyalty and responsibility, and replaces it with a pathetic excuse for basically being a bit of a rubbish human being.

Us hiding behind technicalities, in both the technological and metaphorical sense, worries me. I think we’ve started to make like Windows by shutting down and rebooting when things get tough, but this systematic approach is not fool proof and I think that when something hurts you for real it will knock your system for six. The words of an internet troll are nothing in comparison to that very real sinking feeling that you get in your very real stomach when someone hurts you with their very real words.

We’ve become far too used to the convenience of the undo button to eradicate many of our troubles in life that we forget there isn’t a software in the world that can fix feelings.

And it’s at this point, you’ll realise what friends are for.