A week of pizza, cocktails, birthdays and theatre trips has meant that my blog has been put on the back burner, although I do believe it’s important to sometimes eat what you want, talk about things and see friends instead of staring at a screen all day and all night. If you do fancy spending your Sunday under a duvet with me, then read on. Here are my top picks of the week.

Meme Mania

What Do You Do?

Time to go Veggie!

In or Out

The Answer Is Sometimes ‘Yes’


Birthing Tales

Eye Opener

I am!

Pay Gap


I Enjoyed Mine

Prince’s Black Masculinity


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


mothers day coffee

Despite the chill, spring has certainly arrived in London.

Brighter mornings and longer evenings are edging ever closer and, my god, do I need them.

I have a new favourite spot in my living room where I like to read and do all my best blogging, so go and find your own sunny space and have a browse of my favourite reads from the last seven days to kick off your Sunday.


Stay Positive

‘Ands’, no ‘Buts’

Change Your Life

Money Talk

What does it mean to be a woman in 2016?

If You’re Squeamish, Don’t Look


Proper food for thought

Mum’s the Word

Free the Nipple

Junior Doctors: an opinion

Heart Strings

Sometimes, just be


Blog Love

Choose You

Happy Mondays

Coffee Break

And, because it’s 2016, here’s two to watch:



Have a wonderful week!


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It’s the last Sunday of January. If that’s not a reason to celebrate by lazing in bed all day, I don’t know what is. Enjoy my favourite reads from the last 7 days as you do just that.

Female Friendship

The 1 at 25

Ex Texts

Birth Photography

Make Friends

Depression is Real


What a Bummer

Veil or No Veil?

Changing China

I’m looking at you, mum

Girls Only

Self Help

All About Me

Have a great week.


large (20)I started The Sunday Papers a few months ago when I decided that I wanted to share my favourite articles of the week with you. The idea was to get people reading, generate discussions around important topical issues and discover some great online magazines along the way. However, when I sat down to write my final Sunday Papers post of the year, I decided that – instead of sharing my media highlights of the week with you – I would share my personal “life highlights” from the last 365 days.

I am a great believer in gratitude, optimism and glass half-fullness, so I’d like to share these moments with you in a bid to celebrate the goodness of 2015 rather than dwelling on the negative that sometimes seems to surround us.

So here goes.

Falling in Love with my Blog Again

Back in March, restless before my 26th birthday and impending nose-dive into my late twenties, I decided to invest in a new web layout. Although I will soon be able to do this myself, web design was out of my reach at the time and I chose to use Pipdig who were an absolute dream to work with. I was so happy with the design and ease of application and would recommend them to anyone looking for a change. The fact that I am still loving the layout after 9 months is testament to how pleased I am with the result. Best investment of the year.

One Room. All of my Favourites.

After a bit of a tumultuous few months, I decided to have a low maintenance birthday this year and invited all of my best ones to my boyfriend’s flat for drinks and a jaunt into Tooting. The best birthdays are the ones spent with food, drink and good people. Nailed it.

Watching Florence + The Machine at Glastonbury

By far my favourite moment of 2015. I’ve seen her perform before and since Glastonbury and I’ve never felt the way I did when watching her on the Pyramid Stage that night. Magical.

10 Year Reunion and the Realisation that Life is Good

My school reunion made me realise that things rarely change between good friends. After nervously teetering in stilettos, arm in arm with the same friends I’ve had since my school days, I had an epic evening catching up with the women of my past and celebrating our achievements. From engagements and travel to babies and career moves, we had all moved on but still shared the same (hilarious and sometimes shocking) memories that shaped us and even managed to find time to sing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love of All – a song close to my year group’s hearts – one last time. Ten years on, we were all still a long way from where we had predicted we’d be in our year books, but it was still reassuring to know that everyone was doing okay after all these years.

An all-girls BBQ in Beckenham and the night of a thousand Old Fashions

On the hottest day of the year, a friend of mine threw a birthday party in her back garden, which just so happens to be the size of a football pitch, with her parents, who just so happen to be some of the best around. A few Hungarian shots, home grown food and potent wine later, we hung out in the evening breeze, arguing over whether to have Kisstory or Magic on the radio and trying to make sure Helen (the birthday girl) was still standing (she wasn’t). That day spent in her garden was the most carefree I had been in a while and, just to add to it (because Summer evenings have a knack for surprising you) a friend and I ended up crashing a boy’s night out in Brixton and discovered a secret bar where we drank Old Fashioneds and talked until the early hours. For some reason this ordinary day became one of my highlights of the year.

The 4th of September 2015

Just a very good day indeed.

An Engagement to Remember

Finally, and most importantly, one of my oldest friends got engaged just before Christmas. IN NEW YORK. I cried, I screamed, I did all of the things that I thought I would do if I were to get engaged. I had no idea that someone else’s joy could bring me so much happiness, but it turns out it can. When you’ve grown up beside someone and shared their boy history along the way, seeing them so happy with someone you adore as much as them? Priceless. And the perfect end to 2015.

So that’s it from me and my year. What were your highlights of the last 365 days? Be sure to write them down and be thankful for them. Who knows what the next twelve months might bring…

IMG_5359 copy


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It’s the last Sunday before Christmas, so you’re no doubt doing the rounds with family, barging your way through the crowds on Oxford Street or stocking up on booze for the festive season. However, if you’re anything like me and constantly overdo it when it comes to Christmas parties, you’re probably in bed nursing a three day hangover with a large quarter pounder meal. And if you’re that person, then kick back with me and my favourite reads from the last seven days.

Be Chill This Year

Sexy Art

Let’s Talk Loans


Tinder at Christmas


Office Party Decorum


Family Feuds in December

New Year, New Job

Friends are for life, not just for Christmas

Christmas Wisdom


Have a great week of food, festivities and fun.


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Sunday is here and I plan to enact all the cliches. A walk. A roast. A bobble hat. Join me, won’t you?

Here are my favourite reads from the last 7 days…

Keep Loving

Tampon Talk

Get Lost

Nothing Is Real


Sleep Texting

For Men

Take a Walk

Welcome to Sexual Harassment

I heart Bussey

Relationship Faux Pas


One From The Archives

Have a great week.



I love Sundays. Especially Sundays in Autumn.

Ease off the Halloween hangover with a breakfast bigger than your head and a selection of my favourites reads…

Step away from the phone

Genital Herpes is common, apparently

Little Magpie on Coats

Vagina Talk

Feminine Mental Health Issues

Ethical Porn

A Book I’ve just Ordered

Do young people have no hope?

I Love You. That’s It.

A Eulogy


Still feeling the Halloween vibes?

Have a great week.


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After finding a few hidden gems in my favourite four corners of the internet this week, I thought I’d share them with you. So kick back and enjoy with a hot chocolate and a bacon sarnie.

Falling in love with depression

Save Our Planet

The Day I Divorced My Mother

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Nothing wrong with being a rebound

Ghost stories for Halloween?

Dear Ex Boyfriend

You got monkey balls bro

What’s your number?

Change in the Middle East

Forgive and Forget?

Brooklyn Manipulation

So Important


Have a good one.