Of course we would book something fun to do smack bang in the middle of London, at 6am, on the day of the godforsaken tube strike. But despite the long delays and overpacked bus stops, the journey was absolutely worth it for a whole hour of stretching beneath the clouds.

Now, I do appreciate that you might be questioning the logic behind waking up at 5am to do a bit of yoga when you can just pop down to your local gym or even watch a video on YouTube, but I promise you that it really is worth it.¬†Challenging enough, but not too difficult, I really enjoyed the practise. The instructor threw in some poses I’d never tried and I appreciated her guidance too. And, believe it or not, there is no more peaceful place to practise yoga than above the rooftops of London, whatever Mary Poppins might’ve told you.

I obviously didn’t take any snaps whilst I was busy downward-dogging and forward-folding, but here are some shots of the beautiful – and often berated – Sky Garden in all its glory.

I would say it’s definitely worth a visit. And no, I’m not being paid to say that.