mothers day coffee

Despite the chill, spring has certainly arrived in London.

Brighter mornings and longer evenings are edging ever closer and, my god, do I need them.

I have a new favourite spot in my living room where I like to read and do all my best blogging, so go and find your own sunny space and have a browse of my favourite reads from the last seven days to kick off your Sunday.


Stay Positive

‘Ands’, no ‘Buts’

Change Your Life

Money Talk

What does it mean to be a woman in 2016?

If You’re Squeamish, Don’t Look


Proper food for thought

Mum’s the Word

Free the Nipple

Junior Doctors: an opinion

Heart Strings

Sometimes, just be


Blog Love

Choose You

Happy Mondays

Coffee Break

And, because it’s 2016, here’s two to watch:



Have a wonderful week!


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As my month of love continues to grow, I thought I would stick to all things relationships and sex for this week’s Sunday Papers post. Here’s my round up of romance from the last 7 days.

Sex Myths Decoded

Single and Proud

Going the Distance

Dating at 30


For When Cupid Doesn’t Strike

A Love Story

Bag a Bargain

Addicted to Love

Ridin’ Solo

Couples Living With Couples

When Divorce is a Good Thing

Women Enjoy It Too

I can’t get no…

Have a great week.


It’s a new year. I can’t feel my toes and I am finding it increasingly difficult to stay awake. Where did afternoon naps and selection boxes go? I say we stay inside this Sunday and catch up on the latest. Here are my favourite reads from the last seven days. Grab a hot drink and tuck in.

Gingers Rocks

Lessons in Feminism

Happy Birthday Katie!

The Glastonbury seal has been broken

Stress Less

Meaningful Mornings

For When 3 Isn’t A Crowd

Singles Day?

Bowie is Gone

Getting There

The Marriage Question

One Night Stands: the rules


Ambition doesn’t have to be a mood killer

Travel Well

Goodbye Alan

Female Pop Art


British Drug Customers

Have a good one.