The Blowjob

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Most people with half a brain remember to wrap it up during sex. But it doesn’t even cross these intelligent minds to put something on the end of it before going down on their partner, which to most people, seems very normal. In fact, many would find it strange to put something between them and their saucy snack. It would be like eating a lolly with the wrapper on. Tasteless and a little bit silly.

However, the joke’s on them.

I’ve been hearing so much about this new-found HPV virus (which commonly converts into cervical and throat cancer) that I really do think that it’s worth thirty seconds of your time.¬†Although the bug isn’t solely transferred via oral sex, it can add to the risk of being HPV-positive. In fact, a shocking statistic¬†shows that men and women who reported having six or more oral-sex partners during their lifetime had a nearly ninefold increased risk of developing cancer of the tonsils or at the base of the tongue. Mental isn’t it?

Most people think of oral sex as the safer alternative to having full on hanky panky. But it’s most definitely, not. Many would even rather delve down under purely to preserve their virginity. But aren’t we taking the subject of fellatio a little too lightly? In fact aren’t we taking the subject of putting anything into our mouths a little too lightly these days? Willies, cancer sticks, pills, alcohol… cheeseburgers?

If at all possible, I think it’s time people starting thinking a little more about the subject of oral sex. Luckily for us, it’s become apparent that between the increasing awareness of this ghastly virus and the British public being distracted from Tulisa’s shame by her bad tekkers in that video, oral sex has never been so prevalent. But the safety behind it isn’t.

So now that the weekend’s here, you’ll probably desire to (for want of a better phrase) get down on it. But if you do decide to crack on, play safe.

Have a good one.