The Age

As of late, it seems that all of my beautiful girl friends have paired up with the older gentleman.

I am most definitely all for following ones heart and normally don’t consider details such as age to be an issue but I cannot help but think that relationships with such a large age gap (over ten years) will all end in tears. I don’t doubt for a second that two people are gloriously compatible in spite of their age. In fact, I can imagine that dating the older guy would be rather pleasurable, but I think the challenge arises when you consider what stage of life you’re at. A guy in his thirties has probably had multiple relationships, most of which undoubtedly ended because of the marriage dispute, whereas a girl in her early twenties probably has relationships that ended because she wanted to go to Ibiza as a single gal.

Ever since my A level English teacher told the class that the beauty of relationships is growing together, this notion has stuck. The girl is growing. He is already grown. She has her whole life ahead of her and his is predominantly behind him. I know how pessimistic (and Ageist) this sounds, but I’m really not trying to be. For some, it most definitely works. Ashton and Demi seem to be cracking on. But is that because the sexes are reversed I wonder?

I think that the road for a couple with an age gap is a little more rocky than normal, but as with everything in life, I think it’s worth a shot and if it fails, at least you’ve learnt something. I guess until I’ve actually been in the situation, I can’t really comment…

I’ll see you at the bingo hall in half an hour.